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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A walk to remember......


The sun giving these grapes some more juice before they are harvested.

the contrast of colors is amazing....

GRAPES!!! and these are not for jelly or jam purposes...

with a paintbrush....God let us enjoy this marvelous sunset!

in the middle of the vineyard there are signs that tell you things. It's so great, no matter where you go there is a sign that tells you which direction to go or the history of the village.

The rows and rows of grapes are an amazing sight!

As we were leaving and enjoying the crisp evening air to our left was.....THE MOON!

and to our right.....the sunset! What an amazing contrast!!

Here's the moon, playing peek a boo with us!

For but a moment, I got to hold the moon in my hand! God's grace and mercy abound and SHINE! It was about 2 years ago when I was fascinated with the moon. It was always there! day, night, good mood, bad mood. It didn't matter...I would look up and it was there. I always smiled and said a thankful prayer. Then, one day God revealed to me that the reason I was fascinated with the moon was because it was like Him in the fact that "I'm always there." I was astounded and honored that God would allow me to get to know Him by this wonderful creation. Not only is the moon always there, but it reflects the light. God is always there.....a constant.....and I need to relfect His light.
WOW! I had decided at the beginning of the walk that I was going to name this blog "A walk to remember". Do I really have a lot to remember this evening?! How marvelous, how wonderful is our Father in Heaven?!


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