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Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is the village that I walk to for the science classes I sub for. It's called Sitzenkirch....sitting church. :) It's a beautiful walk and very scenic! There is a castle in every village!

The sign to the castle...Schloss....

This is how I get there! Yes! By feet! (as the German people in my office say! I get there by feet!)

God's glory shining through His creation. I'm so thankful I have the sight to see it. :)


  1. There must be some major Germanness in your blood! I'm so proud! I mean the Riedlingen-office and back walk is probably German average. A 45 minute walk (when I was walking back I made it in 20 minutes :D but it was more of a hurried walk than a relaxing stroll)-classic sunday afternoon thing ;)
    But 6 miles? Is that like 9 km??
    That's not even German any longer^^
    Germans would probably even take their bike to go to work-especially when leaving the house in the dark and returning in the dark in the Winter. But from Riedlingen to Sitzenkirch?? that's like a 2 hour walk, crazo! Aren't you American or something like that? "Everything is bigger in Texas"? "I dont go anywhere without my car" :D ? You must love German nature alot :D and walking!
    Whenever you come to my area, stop by my house and have some hot chocolate with me before you continue on your walk home ;)

  2. It's a nice hour-long walk, right Jennifer?! :) ... and there is usually a break at the office in the middle, so it works! haha Okay, maybe we can celebrate when you finish subbing and thank God for the decent weather we've had while you have been doing all that walking!