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Saturday, September 11, 2010

the office.....

I'm at my office :) This is my desk and some wonderful desk things happening!!!!

This is Ushi. She is now pleased that she got her cup of coffee. :) I'm sure the people that call will be glad she got her cup of don't want a tired receptionist!!!

This is Tommy fixing the coffee maker (Latte) for Ushi....believe me, she was about to have a fit if he wouldn't have been able to fix it. I went down 2 flights of stairs to find him!

This is the coffee maker....affectionally known as Latte. Yes, it is so important in the office that it has a name. This is the view from my desk. I get frequent visitors while their cup is being made. :) I keep a candy bowl on my desk so there is something for us to do while people stop in to chat.

This is Ralf. He works for Janz Team and he is a youth evangelist. He was our Bible speaker at camp. He travels around and does many different camps. He always has a smile and has a huge heart for God.

This is Tommy. He does all of the coordination for our vehicles at Janz Team. He takes care of the mail. He's helping me to learn German (his dialect anyway....not as common as "regular" German!).

This is the sign going into my office. YES, it's in German! My whole office is in German!!!

Turn left and go into the drive to get to the Janz Team office!!! Go to the third floor! That's where you will find me!!!


  1. 1. the third must be "Feldberg" = field mountain ?! kinda paradox.
    2. I cant even speak thommy's "german" :D
    3, did you already get a BFA hoody?

  2. yes, I believe Feldberg was what they said. :)

    good to know a native that doesn't speak Tommy! LOL

    and yes, I did get a hoodie....I was COLD! I only brought 1 with me and I couldn't find any here that didn't have goofy pictures of cartoons on them, so I got one from BFA. LOL :)