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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Brad and Janis and I went to a local mountain and hiked to the top. It was a 3 hour trek to the top. Here are some pictures of our journey!
The local village.
We've already gone 1 km and we have 4 more to go! whoo hoo!!!

God's grandure.....

The Black Forest!!! Schwarzwald!!! Schwarz=black and wald=forest The reason it's called the Black Forest is because the trees are so dense they look very dark from the air.

This is about 1/2 way. Larry loved the view. We stopped here again on the way down to eat lunch. Yummy lettuce wraps!

We loved watching the contrails all day. The sky was perfect!

The hills are alive.....with the sound.....

We got high enough that we were at the same level as the clouds!!! They were just sitting there!

The next mountain over.... in this area there are 3 mountains that are the highest in the region. They are in a row. Blauen, Belchen (which I'm standing on to take this picture) and this one that I'm looking at (I don't remember the name of it).

I made it to the top!!!!! Yay!!! Only 3 hours! Now to look around and to journey down!

God's majesty at the top! Just a reminder of His goodness!

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