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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


WOW!!! If I had to sum up my 3 1/2 months here in Germany so far in one word it would be WOW! When I felt God leading me to be here in Germany for this year I got a LOT of questions about I would be doing during the year when it's not camp time. A very valid question. Well, slowly but surely God has placed me in places and relationships to grow and water into deeply rooted trees.

So, what ministries am I involved in during the year?

First: my house. Not only my roommates, but our "Germany parents" :) It is evident to ALL of us that God has us all here for such a time is this. We love each other and we are truly a family.

Second: small groups. Tuesday morning I go with two other lovely ladies to Basel, Switzerland and I'm involved in Bible Study Fellowship. It is a small group of about 10 ladies and this year we are studying Isaiah. We get a new study sheet and questions each week for us to work on throughout the week and every Tuesday morning we get to fellowship with each other and talk about our answers and discuss how it relates to us. Tuesday evening a group of single ladies meet and we are talking about the book of Esther. Wednesday morning I go to a small group that is in the building next to my office and it's the same basic principal as the Tuesday morning one, but with ladies in my direct community. Wednesday evening Brad, Janis, Brittany and I are watching a series and talking about the video segment that we watch. All are inspiring and challenging in their own way. It's great to be able to devote so much time to God's word and His people.

Third: KIDS! I'm not a "teacher" and have my own classroom, but I get to help with Awana on Tuesday afternoon. I get to hear the darlings say their memory verse and encourage them to learn the next one! AND I get to sub for a lady who went back to the states for 3 weeks. She works in the library at the elementary school here and teaches science. I'm not doing her library, but I am doing her science lessons! It's been great to get to be in the classroom and interact with the students and learn some "elementary German". LOL

Forth: RA's!!! The resident assistants that live in the dorms are in the dorms ALL the time! They get a weekend off each month and one of the girls, who is new this year, and I connected and so we have been able to take a couple of short weekend trips. It really is a ministry opportunity! It's been a great time for her to have someone else to talk to besides just dorm people and I'm enjoying having a great new friend! =)

Fifth: DORM LIFE!!! On Monday's I get to go to the dorm that I have "lived" at during the past two summers and sub for the RAs that are off. Each Monday the RAs get the day off and each Thursday the dorm parents get the day off. It's a much needed rest because they are "on" the whole rest of the time! So, I go on Monday's and help cutting veggies for sandwiches for lunches and make some cookies, help with homework and make sure the guys do their chores. It's a great time to connect with more students and help with homework too.

Sixth: RELATIONSHIPS! The people here are wonderful! Our goal is to have people over at least once a week. And, if we happen to slack and not invite someone over, we get invited somewhere! It's great! People are supportive and friends from the beginning. :) On Wednesday nights I am helping out a family by sitting at their house with their teenage son while the parents are at a Bible study. I use this time to read and visit with him while he is having his snack and settling down for bed.

Seventh: the scenery! I get to walk to the elementary school and then I walk home. Total, it's about 6 miles. I do that 4 times a week for 3 weeks. The paths are awesome! They lead through the woods and pop out in places and I know where I am! The weather has been beautiful! Janis and I went for a walk through some vineyards last week. Just the simple things are scenic!

Eigth: lessons.....God has lead me through some lessons. From being able to forgive myself and HOW to do that to just treasuring each moment. The simple things. Loving life. Loving on people and showing them God's love.

Nineth: God. He is amazing in His tapistry weaving.

~I stand in awe of You, Lord. Thank you for your love and mercy. May You be glorified by my actions and life. Amen.


  1. I am glad that God brought you to Germany. You are a blessing for many people and especially for me.

  2. awww Jenny!!! I love you! I'm so glad that I can be an encouragement. :)