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Saturday, May 7, 2011

the knee....

About mid-March my knee was hurting so bad that I could barely walk! After fighting with it for a week I made a doctor's appointment. I was nervous about going because all I knew was my knee hurt! I didn't have an injury or anything. So, I wasn't sure what the outcome would be.

I got to the doctor's office, told them I was there, filled out papers (because it was the first time for me to be there) and waited in the waiting room. After a few minutes they called me back into the room and I waited for just a minute. The doctor came in and I told him that my knee was having pain and I had no idea why.

He told me to sit on the table so he could examine my knee. He poked and pulled and prodded and decided that it wasn't anything serious like a ligiment or pulled muscle or anything. SO "We make bandage for you!" Ummm, ok.

So, my instructions were: we are going to put a bandage on your knee now. You take the perscription to the pharmacy and get it filled. Then, bring the bandage from the pharmacy back here. Wear the bandage for 4 days and don't get it wet.

This made me appericate NOT breaking a bone in my body! This was a "soft" kind of bandage/ cast. I was able to walk, although a little slower and maybe a little more like hobbling, but I could walk. Showers were creativly different so I wouldn't get my knee/ leg wet, but I could still shower! Although, it felt like my skin was burning and the bandage was pulling it off!! My knee was feeling better. :)

On the 4th day my neighbor and I went for a slow walk in the vineyard. While we were walking it started sprinkling. No big deal, right?! By the time we got back to the car we were SOAKED! Yes, my bandage was wet! I decided that I was going to take it off before I took a shower and warmed up! As I was taking it off it felt like I was peeling duct tape off my leg! The reason: my leg had broken out in an allergic reaction!

No wonder it felt like my skin was coming off my leg!

The good knee was better!!!

There were lots of prayers being said along with "the bandage"! God healed my knee and I've been great ever since!!!