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Saturday, October 9, 2010

visiting a camper in Freiburg....

After spending a couple of hours with me Ela told me that talking in English that much made her brain hurt! I told her I can only imagine and that I wish I could talk to her more in German!

One of my campers from this summer goes to school in a nearby town. We've been communicating via email since the end of camp. She asked me if I would like to meet her in Freiburg and have lunch. So, I took the bus to the train station and met her there. We shared a very nice pizza and had a great walk around the city. She had to buy a book for class and so I enjoyed looking around the bookstore and found a good book for me to read on a Sunday afternoon or during train rides. :) She had to leave and home, and hour and a half train ride for her, and I continued to walk around and enjoy the sights. As I was walking around I heard some very nice music and looked and it was a group of local students who came out to show off their musical playing skills. I was so impressed I took a video so I could share with everyone the sights and sounds of Freiburg, Germany.


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