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Sunday, October 10, 2010

a confirming walk....

I went for an evening walk. I was walking on a new trail and just enjoying the scenery. When I walk I listen to my ipod and sing along or talk to God. There have been some amazing conversations here in the Black Forest. Tonight, like many other, I was chatting with the Creator. During the past month I have been seeking what I should do next, the step of my journey after my year here in Germany. I feel that God is leading me back to college. Since being a teacher I have always been intrigued by the school counseling career. I took a couple of classes the second year I was out of school and teaching, but life changed and I haven't gotten back into the courses. So, my first feeling was that I was to go back to school. I didn't know where that would be. I kept seeking and asking. I looked at a lot of different places and kept knocking and kept seeking. I know that I will have to take the GRE, so I ordered the study guide from Amazon and I'm having it delievered to me here in Germany so when I come home in late February I can take it. I can even sign up to take it online! This was one of the first steps of faith that I took in the next journey. Just ordering the book. ~we walk by faith and not by sight~ Then, I made a chart.....I know, I know.....of all the qualities I was looking for in a place to live and all the places I felt I had to choose from. The places were: College Station, Hunstville, Houston, Clear Lake and The Woodlands. All of these places had to be near a college and have public transportation (those were just two of my qualifications). After looking at all of the places and the things I saw as important factors for life, Clear Lake was the clear "winner". So, I applied to University of Houston, Clear Lake over the internet this weekend. AGAIN ~we walk by faith and not by sight~

Ok, that was the back story to why this walk tonight was such an amazing walk.

I'm walking along, talking to God and asking for a conformation that I am taking the right step. I am a human and when I need to know that I'm doing something and following God's plan for my life I ask for something confirming to happen. Now, I figured I would get an email or something, but no....I'm in the woods and I get to a clearing. [let me set the stage for you] There is this perfect meadow at the top of this hill. An opening. It has this perfect tree in it. Just one tree in the middle. And then there is a line of trees to the left, an opening and more trees on the right. There is a level of rolling hills. Then, behind those there is another level of rolling hills. Then, some mountains in the back of that. And right there in the crease of where the hills collide, is a sliver of the moon. It's a pinkish sliver. Just hanging there.

God knows how to speak to me. He knows that the moon is a speaking tool for me. He has used it so many times to confirm that He is always there and so for it to be such a distinct moon at this particular moment, I knew He had hung it in the sky to answer my prayer. Now I didn't expect to have my prayer answered at that moment, but I was thankful that it was. I stopped in that perfect meadow and listened to the song "God Speaking" by Mandisa. The words are so perfect. {Who knows how He'll get a hold of us? Get our attention and prove He is enough. He'll do and He'll use whatever He wants to. To tell us, I love you!} That is definately what I felt tonight. I was standing on a hill in the middle of the Black Forest in Germany, it was dark, and I was standing there: admiring my Creator and thanking Him for speaking to me through His creation.

I didn't have my camera, but I did have my ipod, so this is the best picture I could get. The little pinkish dot is the moon. And amazingly enough, after I decided that it was getting really dark and I should get home, the moon disappeared. It was only there for a short time. Just another miracle to show me that He loves me and He was answering me. ~we walk by faith and not by sight~

Thank you Lord for confirmations.

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