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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Glory =)

This month has been amazing!!!! I have petitioned God for about 2 years now for His plan for me. I have felt that it is to go to Germany and be part of the mission field with Teach Beyond and Black Forest Academy in Kandern. So, my goal was set for June 1st to be at 80%. At the beginning of May I needed $11,000 to reach that goal. The first week I recieved $250. The second week another $250. The third week $1800 and a place to live with cheaper rent than my original budget, so that lowered my total goal. And so far this week, $1800 and I'm expecting more checks to come in before Tuesday, June 1st!!!!! It's not only been a testiment to me and how much God is faithful, but to my friends around me. We say all the time that God is faithful and he supplies all our needs, but really, we think we are self sufficient and we work so we can supply our needs. It's truly amazing how God has worked and I know He's not finished.

I've been emailing with my new roomies :) I'm really excited about getting to know them. They are awesome young women who love the Lord. Again, God knew and planned this miraclous journey :)

Thank you Lord!


  1. this is not interesting...and not cool...not funny's simply AMAZING ;)maybe it could be called "AWESOME!!!!!", too ;)

  2. Yay, Jennifer! I'm excited to share this new adventure with you!!