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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

just another Wednesday????

Sometimes when we get up in the monring we think "'s just another day!" Well, I don't think I thought that this morning, but I didn't expect it to be such a bleesing filled day. I will admit it was another "regular" day at school. After school I met with a wonderful woman who is going to make me their mission project for VBS. Yes, it will be after I leave, but I want to be a role model for those students. I've either taught them or I know them from school. I'm so excited to show them that you can go places and do things that God wants you to do :)

Then, I went to the gym with a friend. Great workout :) I took her home and he husband had not only kept the baby while we were gone, but he cooked us dinner!!! Had the plates made and set the table!!! Ice water in our glasses and EVERYTHING!!!! We ate....very yummy! and visited! good times :)

I was going to meet with a friend from church, but her kids were a little rowdy and she didn't think they should get to play at the park, so we will have to catch up next week.

living in the present....looking ahead..... :)

On Friday a friend that I made last summer in Germany lives in Tennessee. She is coming to visit on Friday!!! It's kinda a mundane weekend, but very busy. But it'll be fun to hang out and show her "my route" that I'm always driving :)

This is going to be MIRACLE MAY. In the recent past May has been filled with tragedy for me. I decided that this year it was going to be filled with miracles. So far....God has showed up!!! He is so good!

Sunday is a big fundraiser day. :) Pray for a good turn out and some good outreach.

To God be the glory!!!!

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