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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God is fantastic.....

God is moving and as a friend told me today "God is fantastic"!!!! Each day as June 1st approaches I have a choice to panic or trust. I am choosing to trust. Right now I have to have $12,000 pledged/ raised by June 1st. The deadline is fast approaching. And, each day, God is already ahead of me.

So, I was asked again on Sunday if I had thought about selling my car. My answer was yes, I had thought about it, but had "logically" reasoned my way out of it. Well, I think once I made my mind up that I needed to sell it, that was the last step that God needed for me to make so He could help me to fly! Yep, I'm walking off the cliff and He is teaching me to fly!

I have a very strong possible buyer for my car. AND all around me I have conformations everyday. I had a fleeting thought yesterday morning that I could talk to the local newspaper lady and put an article in the newspaper about my mission, but I dismissed it. Then, not 20 minutes later a teacher called me before we got to school and said when she was praying that morning she felt like God was telling her to tell me to talk to the newspaper lady and ask her to write an article. I cried and she said I laughed. GOD is fantastic! THEN, today, another person who hadn't talked to any of us caught me in the hall and told me that I should talk to her and have her write an article! I was like, ok God! I got that message!!! AND, we had already talked to her and she said she would :) I will see her in the next couple of days, so I should be in the paper next week.

THEN, after school today 2 of the teachers caught me on my way to my meeting and said they had started planning a BBQ fundraiser for May 16th!!!

I am amazed at everyone's heart and compassion everyday. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by all the friends that are around me!

So, Sunday I am taking pictures at church for donations. The next Sunday is the BBQ fundraiser. I am going to hand out flyers at the fundraiser that tell what I'm doing and where to go to donate :) Pray that this fulfills the donations that I need....and some tummies with some yummy food!!!!

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