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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the community....

There was a BBQ fundraiser on my behalf this Sunday. It was a lot of work, time, effort, talking, planning, driving, cooking and heart that went into it. I am honored that my friends and co workers would stand behind me and support me so much that they would invest so much of their time and efforts into a benefit for me. God truly blessed. :) So many people from the community came out to buy BBQ. So many people that I work with and their families helped out. Tina opened up her home and let us destroy her kitchen to make all the plates. Creagor drove the plates from their house to the parking lot where we were set up. Teachers skipped church to make the plates. Others went early to deliver tables for us to use. People from my church made desserts and brought them. Tommy cooked ALL day saturday so the brisket would be YUMMY!!! I am honored and amazed that so many people are so giving of their time.

So, during the selling of the food. We were kinda busy. There were about 4 people at the table buying 8 to 10 plates to go. I looked up and saw Mark. He's a local special needs adult that walks around town. I've seen him before and so I've heard his story. He goes to one of the local churches and he walked up behind this group that was there. He was looking at their plates like a kid in a candy store. They got their plates and walked back to their cars. As they walked away he did too, but without a plate. I told the other teacher there whom he knows to get his attention. I went and got him a plate and put all the condiments on it. He was so happy! It was great to see his smile. :) I offered him dessert and he said no he didn't eat that because he is diabetic. He took the plate and as he walked off he said he was going to eat it and be healthy! It warmed my heart as I heard the Holy Spirit reminding me of the verse, "what ever you do to the least of these, you do unto me". I never thought I would get to live that out. And then upon reflection, this one moment is what God has called us to do. Go out and be Jesus with skin on.

Today, I was blessed by a friend. He sold a truck and gave me some of what he made to go towards my goal. So, after the BBQ and a plate lunch for next week and the proceeds from the truck, I only have $9000 left to raise before June 1st.

It's been truly amazing to see what all God has done already. I have a few days left and everything else is falling into place as far as timing and details. So, I'm just trusting God and waiting on Him to provide. I also found out today that my cusion IS going to be able to take over my payments for my car. It will help me out and her :) It's just another way God is providing and planning.

Thank you God for your sovereignity. I know you have a plan and a purpose. I am waiting for you. I am trusting you. I've given you all of me. Take me and use me. :)

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