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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Everything is bigger in Texas! I have never seen a slug this size in Texas!!! I saw this slug on my walk home from work one day I just had to take it’s picture.
I have been in Germany for 3 weeks now. The week previous I spent in Minneapolis, MN getting to know my mission organization- Teach Beyond- and other missionaries that are going out all over the world through Teach Beyond. It was a very encouraging week. 
While soaking up the German culture of World Cup and just enjoying God’s creation and scenery I have been working. English Camp is starting!!!! I have an excellent group of people that I have4 joined as a team. We have worked together and now we feel ready for camp! The first group of staff arriver July 11th!! And the marathon month begins!
So, in the next month I will get to meet more new people, staff and campers! And take a couple fo journeys with them. I’m excited for the new friendships on the horizon and the opportunity that God has given me to encourage a new set of people.
Working with my new team I have a new thankfulness for the verse “carry each others burdens.” In such a short time God has allowed us to build bonds and trust each other so we can help each other. Sometimes these bonds take years to make, but I think we all sense the urgency to trust each other and feel a kindred spirit so we have allowed ourselves to let down some of the walls that we would, under normal circumstances, have put up. But through God’s faithfulness we are a team already.
My thoughts and prayers right now are for 1. Staff- people are traveling great distances to make an impact on German teenagers for a short 10 day period. Pray that they arrive safely and have a freshness when they are here. 2. Campers- German teenagers are traveling from all over Germany for the next month. This is their summer and they have chosen to come to camp for 10 days. Pray that their hearts will be open and ready to encounter the might God we serve. 3. Family and friends- the ones back home and the new ones arriving soon.
1 John 4:10- God sent his son because he loved us—LOVE SENDS.
Thank you for your love that sent me on this journey. Please continue to pray that I fulfill what God has for me.

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