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Friday, August 20, 2010

the trek home....

This is "the hill". If you look closely you can see a pole with a sign on it. You will see another picture further down on this post of the sign from the top. Look for the round circle on the left side of the road in the middle of the picture. My guess is this hill is about 1/4 mile at about an 80 degree slope.
This is the beginning of "the hill" into our village. You can't see the top from this picture, but you can see the gradient of the road by looking at the roof of this garage. yes, I can touch the top of the garage roof when I walk by.

A quick look back down "the hill". BTW, the sign says only motorized vehicles can go on this road if you live on this street. (it's not a through street)

These are "the steps". There are 108 of them and several landings that go up to our street. This is immediately after coming up "the hill".

I made it 1/2 up the 108 steps. Only 1/2 of them left.....

Looking back down "the steps". yep, all 108 of them!

This watermelon says "Rio Grande"!! Funny! The watermelons in Texas don't even say that! and I bought this one in Germany and brought it home in my backpack.

the 8 pound (4 kg) watermelon that was in my backpack. I also had two bags of groceries.

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  1. this isn´t a good one..I can see it.;-) we also habe very good watermelons in germany..and much bigger ones..only wanted to add that!
    you have to buy one in a turkish supermarket!