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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

to be full....

I see God preparing me to be "full" of His word and knowledge and spirit in the next few weeks. He has provided me 3 very busy weekends that He will be filling me up with His word. Last weekend was a ladies conference here in town. This weekend is another conference about an hour away.....and promises to be a great time to be in God's presence. (and a couple of good friends too) And the next weekend is a Casting Crowns concert on Friday and a ladies brunch on Saturday. This brings us to May. For the past 4 years there has been something very traumatic and life changing happen to me in May. So when I first saw God preparing to fill me up I was saying "Oh God, why in the world do I need to be so full for May?" and then I realized that that was the wrong attitude. So now, I'm saying "thank you God for filling me up so I will be ready for what you have for me."

So here I am.....Thank you God! Thank you for your sovereignty. You reign. You are the Master. Here I am, take me.

Off to get some rest.....I'll share the next revelation when it arrives :)

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