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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


taste-a kind of sensing
The song lyrics "Taste and see that the Lord is good to me. Oh taste and see that the Lord is good to me. He takes off my rags and clothes me in gladness. I will sing and not be silent! Taste and see that the Lord is good to me." This has been in my spirit today. So I looked up the defination of taste. "A kind of sensing." Interesting. The song says to sense God and see that He is good. He is changing the circumstances in your life and wants you to rely on Him for you JOY. And when you have the Joy of the Lord, you can't be silent.

Yesterday was a day when I couldn't be slient. It was an amazing day of ministry. It was a difficult day to get out of took a lot of prayer and looking back, I think that was the biggest difference. When I woke up, I begged God to help me get out of bed and go for my run. (it's been a long time since I have gone for a morning run) Well, He did. I felt great. School was a typical day. :) At the end of school I got an email from a camper/ staff from last summer and she said that she really wanted to talk to me and tell me all the things that were going on with her. So, she called and we talked for over an hour!!!! It was great! Very refreshing for me! Made me realize AGAIN why I need to go back to camp and Germany. She told me of how she gave of her self during spring break and went to Ukraine to show some kids Jesus with skin on. During our conversation we laughed and shared and giggled and remembered and planned. =D

A dear friend called and said that her aunt, a lady whom I've never met, but I know the rest of the family very well, wanted to support me in my trip and has sent her a check. How touching!!! God has suprises around every corner. :))

The evening continued and I visited and walked with a friend. Talked to a couple of people via text and encouraged them while walking. :) Had dinner with my friend :) Came home, got a call from a long time friend who was dealing with some decisions in life, encouraged again :) listened :) and just loved chatting. We talked for over 2 hours.

I got off the phone and checked my email and a friend in need was on there and I was able to chat and encourage her through her tough situation. The day was such a "God day". :) Plus there were very encouraging emails to me throughout the day!!!

All in all, it was a day when overwhelmingly I was reminded that God knows my needs before I do. He knew I was going to be needed and called upon, so He gave me the encouragement I needed so I could be filled up and able to pour out to others.

Today, I got in my prayer cards so I will be able to hand those out and people will remember to pray for me and contact me. I also talked to another pastor and I now have another confirmed speaking engagement. =D's God!

People from church are very encouraging too! They just don't realize how the little things they tell me are very significant to me. I'm loving this journey that God has me on.

~His mercies are new every day.~
~Carry each other's burdens.~
~be in an atmosphere of encouragement~
These have been the things that God has given me and truths that I have held on to recently and in the recent past.

conclusion: God is good to me :) He is faithful.

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  1. As I read this I seriously was getting curious and wondered who that camper/staff person could have been- until I realized that you are talking about me :D
    AWWWWesome :D
    oh gosh that was just such a good time talking to you and laughing and sharing. Thanks CJ!!