life is a mission......

Friday, April 9, 2010

The ephinany for today....... Some people understand and support missions and some people are just negative about it. My lesson is to not let the negative people get me down. Thank goodness they are few and far between.

I was also told today that I inspired someone. A fellow teacher told me she has always wanted to go to Ireland and Australia and she doesn't think she will ever go unless she does a trip along the same lines as I'm doing..... A mission trip. :))) she said she would feel too guilty just going for fun when she could go and see sights and help people at the same time. See. Those are the comments that I relish in, not the negative ones.

In everything there is a lesson. We just have to be open to it and accepting of the lesson. Then we have to apply it. When we apply the truth given to us in the lesson that's when we prove that we understand the lesson. Once we understand it, God can use the principal so you can minister to others in the same situation.

Look for the lesson. Life is a fable.

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