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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

during camp...

I woke up Friday morning with the thought "how can I, as a teacher at camp, make more relationships with the campers?" Last summer I loved getting to know the campers, but I have to admit, English class was not the favorite part of the was just soemthing they did and endured. Due to that, yes, they opened up some, but it took a long time and not as much as they would during counseling group or other times. I have kept in email contact with several of them this year, but I would like more personal connections with the campers.

So, I woke up with this as my thought and my heart's desire. I checked my email and there was an email offering the three teachers of the camp that I was going to be teaching at a counseling spot. I immedately replied and told them of my waking thought. :) Which I then realized wasn't MY thought, but a thought planted by God.

My day then went on and I had a wonderful lunch with my dad, get my car fixed, and got to see a very dear friend. :)

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