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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 reflection.....

The biggest blessing that I have become aware of is the love that surrounds me. God sent me to the other side of the world and there were people there that He had ready to love me there. The gemeinschaft (community) that was waiting for me across the pond is amazing. I made it a little easier to leave my familiar surroundings and people, but still took faith to know that God had everything under control. This was the biggest blessing of my year…… to know that my friends and family back “home” loved me enough to send me and to be so warmly welcomed when I arrived in Kandern, Germany.
I’ve lived in Germany for six months now. During this time I have been able to visit places near and far from where I live. 99% of my travels have been ministry related. The 1 holiday that wasn’t “ministry” turned into a great ministry opportunity and God put people in my path every where I turned to bless me during my time in London. Each and every place I go I look at the people there and even if they don’t look back, I pray for them. I think of the song “Give me your eyes” by Brandon Heath and pray for the people I meet on the street, in the store, or just driving by…..the train driver. Everyone has a story. Being a student of people……isn’t that what God would want us to do? Learn about the person and love them no matter the circumstances/ choices that they have chosen.
Walking along the streets of the cities is one of my favorite past times (when visiting a city). Walking in the woods is my favorite when I’m in the Schwarzwald.
Be blessed in 2011 and appreciate the small things in life. 

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