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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A German wedding...

Last Saturday, March 19th, I got to go to a German wedding!!! I got to know the bride through camp. She was a camper a few years ago and then she came to Janz Team as an intern in 2009 and then this past summer (2010) I got to know her as a staff person. She's great!

For the most part a German wedding is the same as an American wedding. They have a bride, a groom and someone talking! LOL The major difference is they HAVE to go to "City Hall" and get married. (The civil ceremony.) It's an option if they want to have a church wedding.

Jenny and Pascal went on Wednesday and had their civil ceremony, but they didn't consider themselves married, so still lived at home until after the celebration on Saturday. What a testimony to their faith and beliefs.

After the ceremony there was a reception (that we didn't leave until 1am!). It included many different activities that their sister's had created. Games for everyone to be involved in, paintings to be painted, power point presentations to be watched (of Jenny and Pascal growing up!), cake to be cut and eaten, pictures to be taken..... MOSTLY....the people just enjoyed each others company. It was great to be able to just sit and talk to every one. To watch others enjoy other people's company.

It was such an honor to be at their wedding!
Thank you Jenny and Pascal for inviting me!
Best wishes! I hope you both have a wonderful life serving one another!

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